The Bee Yard

Got all my bee equipment out the other week to see what needed painting for this season. I have collected rather a lot of stuff over winter, just need to make a few more stands for the hives. We cleared part of the garden so I could use it as my bee yard and I set up all the hives. Think its taking shape now, just waiting for the warmer weather so we can get going.

I have 2 large colonies in the 2 far hives and 2 over wintered nucs, the other hives are empty. Hoping to get a bumper crop of honey this year from the 2 larger colonies, and the 2 nucs have been adopted out to a couple of gardens in Ilkley. Ill let you know how that project works out. We have another colony coming next month, I’m going to try my hand at queen rearing. If this works out we will try and over winter some nucs for sale next year.



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