Swarms, Swarms, Swarms

On Thursday 11th there was a swarm frenzy around Keighley. I had 4 phone calls regarding swarms in the area. I managed to get to one in Silsden. When I got there it looked like a nice little swarm on a rock and a near by rose bush. I put down a white sheet with the nuc box on top and gave them a little smoke to push them in the right direction. They obliged and started walking towards the nuc. Some of them wanted to climb up the rock, so I placed a little Skep on the top of this. After 45mins they were walking into the nuc and a few were fanning, summoning the rest of the colony. I had a quick look under the Skep which was fulling up nicely. Then I noticed a little red dot running around, I had found the queen. The half full Skep of bees were quickly move into the nuc box along with the queen. With the queen in the box the bees were now moving at a steady pace. There were more bees than I initially thought, so I decided to transfer them all into a full size hive. After another hour most of the bee were in the hive, so I closed it up and called it a day. I have a quick look at them yesterday, they are covering 8 frames in the hive and they seem to be settling into their new home nicely.



2 thoughts on “Swarms, Swarms, Swarms

  1. Hi Paul
    Great to hear the bees are doing well,thanks again for removing them.A very interesting hobby you have
    Andrew,Caroline .Silsden


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