Rain, rain and more rain

As you will be aware we have had a drop of rain up here in Yorkshire over the last couple of months and one or two floods. I left the bees alone as the damp weather and inspections don’t make for happy bees. We had a break in the weather last week so I had a quick look under the crown board to see how they are doing and they are all still alive. The air temperature is very mild for the time of year, we’ve only had a couple of frosts. On the drier days we’ve seen the bees flying and bringing dark grey pollen. The next nice day will see me adding a slab of fondant on each hive to keep them going. There is a couple of colonies that is looking small so might need to keep and eye on them and maybe combine them early in spring.


A little flooded down the Aire valley last week



Horrible damp day down at the Bee Yard



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