Oxalic Treatment and Feeding Day

Bought a new toy this week an Oxalic acid evaporator.  This was imported from Germany, expensive, but a good bit of kit. This vaporises Oxalic acid crystals and helps kill off varroa mites in the hive.  I put a small teaspoon of Oxalic acid in the heating pan, put the evaporator in the hive entrance, connect to a 12v battery pack and 2 mins later its done. The first try we got smoked out but then remembered you are supposed to block off the entrance with a cloth, I did OK after that. I also put a good sized block of fondant on each hive to keep them going over winter. All the colonies are still alive, but still need to keep an eye on a couple of the small ones. If the weather keeps mild they should be OK.  I need to check a couple more hive at my out apiary, ill do that later in the week.

DSCF0205    DSCF0210


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