Getting Ready

I know its early but ive started getting ready for the swarm season. Mann Lake were having a sale a few weeks ago so I ordered another 10 brood boxes and frames. Im going to make my own floors, roofs and crown boards this year, thats my next job. I also bought another 3 poly nucs from my local bee club.

I liberated some polystyrene boxes from work (free), they will make a nice 9 frame nuc box without too much work going into it. Still needs a little tweaking and I’ll need to lake a lid for it. It will take national frames and 14×12. Theres a 4 inch gap at one end, this is a good space for a feeder.



I bought a little endoscope last week so I could put it in the beehive and see what the bees are up to. Check it out on my Face book page at  Im going to put it in my top bar this weekend, that should be interesting. I’ll post some more pictures and videos if it works out.


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