Busy Weekend Again

We’ve another busy weekend at The Bee Yard, ive split some of the larger colonies and re-queened them with 2 mated queens and 3 Virgin queens.  I think we have about 20 colonies now.

Sunday lunchtime, we got a knock on the door to say there was a swarm of bee in one of my trees in our garden. I thought this might have come from the Top Bar Hive but when I inspected them yesterday the hive is still busting with bees.

IMG_20160619_113412441_HDRThis is our 3rd swarm of the season, a nice size colony. They were 8ft up in a tree, and with a quick shake of the branch they were in the box and they settled down very quickly. I didn’t find the queen, but ill have a look in a few day after they have settled in.

There was a lot of robbing going on yesterday in the smaller hives, so Ive closed the entrance holes down to 2cm, lets hope this will sort things out. Ill need to keep an eye on the small hive or maybe move them to another location.

Need to do a few more splits in the out apiaries, some of the hives are on double broods already and are busting. One colony has already swarmed.  Ive been making up more brood boxes this weekend in readiness for this. Ive a busy week ahead so this might have to wait till nearer the weekend.



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