New floor Design

This week I was reading about under floor entrances. I think this is a Dartington design, the main advantages been, reduces wind and rain getting in the hive, reduces robbing from bees and wasps. This inspired me to make some and see if they work. Its a very simple design and easy to make, much easier then a conventional floor. There is a short landing board with a vertical climb thought a 8-9mm gap, a mouse guard should not be needed with this small gap. I have made them from new wood, not overly expensive, the mesh flooring is still the most costly item.  The landing board is made from recycled pallet wood.

If we have good results I will be making some to sell, so if any one is interested or have a comment, please drop me a line at



New Apiary Site

We now have a hive at our new apiary site at Laneshaw bridge. I’ve taken one hive up for now to see how they go. If they do OK Ill take another one up in a couple of weeks. There is plenty of hedgerow flowers out at the moment and heather will be around later in the year. It is a little remote so I will be bringing them back to the Aire vally once the weather turns cold.


Busy Weekend Again

We’ve another busy weekend at The Bee Yard, ive split some of the larger colonies and re-queened them with 2 mated queens and 3 Virgin queens.  I think we have about 20 colonies now.

Sunday lunchtime, we got a knock on the door to say there was a swarm of bee in one of my trees in our garden. I thought this might have come from the Top Bar Hive but when I inspected them yesterday the hive is still busting with bees.

IMG_20160619_113412441_HDRThis is our 3rd swarm of the season, a nice size colony. They were 8ft up in a tree, and with a quick shake of the branch they were in the box and they settled down very quickly. I didn’t find the queen, but ill have a look in a few day after they have settled in.

There was a lot of robbing going on yesterday in the smaller hives, so Ive closed the entrance holes down to 2cm, lets hope this will sort things out. Ill need to keep an eye on the small hive or maybe move them to another location.

Need to do a few more splits in the out apiaries, some of the hives are on double broods already and are busting. One colony has already swarmed.  Ive been making up more brood boxes this weekend in readiness for this. Ive a busy week ahead so this might have to wait till nearer the weekend.


A Busy Bee

June has begun and things have started getting busy at The Bee Yard. We’ve had a few hot days and the bees are loving it, lets hope this keeps up. Saturday night saw our first swarm collection of the season, from a bee keeper just over the boarder in Lancashire. This was already boxes up and ready to go, the easiest swarm collection ever, cheers Bruce. Our 2nd swarm came on Monday lunchtime, a nice size swarm and just 6ft up in a bush. Shook most of them in to a poly nuc and left the box on the grass for an hour while I had a cup of tea. On my return all the bees were in the box, so I think I must have got the queen in the box on the first shake.

We have had European & American Foul Brood in the area over the last few weeks, EFB was about 3 miles away, but more worrying was the AFB a 1 mile from one of our apiaries. I had a visit from the bee inspector on Monday, he was here for 2 hours. Good news, we got the all clear at 2 of our apiaries sites. The other apiaries are not in the affected areas.

I recently acquired a new Top Bar hive to play with, this is a home made design from a guy off the net, its a Top Bar Warre. Not sure if it will work but it’ll be fun to try, i’ll keep you all posted on how this goes.



Bee keeping Talk

A work colleague asked if I would give a short talk to the Grassington Friendship Group on bees and bee keeping. They were a very welcoming group of about 30 mature ladies and just a few gentlemen. I had put together about 30 slides on power point, on basic bee keeping. I had also taken a National beehive filled with various frames, wax, plastic, drawn-out, etc and a selection of equipment. The icing on the cake was a 3 frame observation hive filled with bees. The talk lasted for about 30 mins, with a few questions at the end, which led nicely into tea and biscuits. While we had the intermission, I invited them to have a closer look at the hive and equipment I had brought. The meeting finished about an hour later and was thanked by several people as they left, as they had found it very interesting.


New Apiary

A few weeks ago we were offered a new apiary site at the back of a factory, its secluded and very quiet. I put a dummy hive on it for a week just to see if anyone messed about with it.  No one had touched the hive so last week I put a hive of bees on the land. I’ve just put another one on this morning. Ive also put a camo net on the hives to help them blend into the into the environment.



Basic Assessment Exam

I did my beekeeping basic assessment exam last August. I got the results a few months after and id passed with credit. I finally met up with guy who had my certificate, collected it last Thursday at Bradford Beekeepers. Just thought id share this with you guys.


Another Nice Day

15°C in the sun here today, all the bees were out in force. I took advantage of the warm day and had a look in most of the hives. A couple of hives had brood on 2 frames, some just small patches of brood. There were 2 that were very short of stores and no brood. I’ve a few spare frames with honey and pollen from the 2 hives I lost over winter. I’ve moved some of these frames into the struggling colonies, I also put more fondant on all the hives for when the weather changes.

Lots were out and about bringing in yellow pollen.

DSCF0221 DSCF0222

Getting Ready

I know its early but ive started getting ready for the swarm season. Mann Lake were having a sale a few weeks ago so I ordered another 10 brood boxes and frames. Im going to make my own floors, roofs and crown boards this year, thats my next job. I also bought another 3 poly nucs from my local bee club.

I liberated some polystyrene boxes from work (free), they will make a nice 9 frame nuc box without too much work going into it. Still needs a little tweaking and I’ll need to lake a lid for it. It will take national frames and 14×12. Theres a 4 inch gap at one end, this is a good space for a feeder.



I bought a little endoscope last week so I could put it in the beehive and see what the bees are up to. Check it out on my Face book page at  Im going to put it in my top bar this weekend, that should be interesting. I’ll post some more pictures and videos if it works out.

Oxalic Treatment and Feeding Day

Bought a new toy this week an Oxalic acid evaporator.  This was imported from Germany, expensive, but a good bit of kit. This vaporises Oxalic acid crystals and helps kill off varroa mites in the hive.  I put a small teaspoon of Oxalic acid in the heating pan, put the evaporator in the hive entrance, connect to a 12v battery pack and 2 mins later its done. The first try we got smoked out but then remembered you are supposed to block off the entrance with a cloth, I did OK after that. I also put a good sized block of fondant on each hive to keep them going over winter. All the colonies are still alive, but still need to keep an eye on a couple of the small ones. If the weather keeps mild they should be OK.  I need to check a couple more hive at my out apiary, ill do that later in the week.

DSCF0205    DSCF0210