New Apiary

A few weeks ago we were offered a new apiary site at the back of a factory, its secluded and very quiet. I put a dummy hive on it for a week just to see if anyone messed about with it.  No one had touched the hive so last week I put a hive of bees on the land. I’ve just put another one on this morning. Ive also put a camo net on the hives to help them blend into the into the environment.




Another Nice Day

15°C in the sun here today, all the bees were out in force. I took advantage of the warm day and had a look in most of the hives. A couple of hives had brood on 2 frames, some just small patches of brood. There were 2 that were very short of stores and no brood. I’ve a few spare frames with honey and pollen from the 2 hives I lost over winter. I’ve moved some of these frames into the struggling colonies, I also put more fondant on all the hives for when the weather changes.

Lots were out and about bringing in yellow pollen.

DSCF0221 DSCF0222

Inspection Day

Had our weekly inspection of the hives today and most of the new swarms are now laying. I got a nice picture of the eggs inside the comb. They look like a grain of rice in the bottom of each cell. I did find a queen-less hive so we took a frame of eggs from a full colony and put it in the queen-less one, they should make there own queen and may be a few spare. I’ve also had another go at grafting, but im not that hopeful.  Ill have a peek in 3 days and let you know.