New floor Design

This week I was reading about under floor entrances. I think this is a Dartington design, the main advantages been, reduces wind and rain getting in the hive, reduces robbing from bees and wasps. This inspired me to make some and see if they work. Its a very simple design and easy to make, much easier then a conventional floor. There is a short landing board with a vertical climb thought a 8-9mm gap, a mouse guard should not be needed with this small gap. I have made them from new wood, not overly expensive, the mesh flooring is still the most costly item.  The landing board is made from recycled pallet wood.

If we have good results I will be making some to sell, so if any one is interested or have a comment, please drop me a line at



Crown Boards

I failed to find any good sheets ply wood so I went to the local wood yard and bought an 8×4 sheet of 9mm exterior plywood. A very helpful guy at Merritt and Fryers in Skipton even cut the sheet up into 460mm x 460mm, saved me about an hours works measuring and cutting. We got 10 boards out of it with a little bit left over for me to make a couple of Nuc crown boards. I also bought some thin bits of wood for the edges. I’ve made the board so we have one side 9mm deep with the other side a little deeper so we can use this for treatments & feeding. The deeper side was made with off cuts we found in a skip. The boards have cost me about £3.50 each to make. Ive cut a couple of feeding holes in them too, just another 8 boards to go.


More DIY, Hive Stand

More wood liberated this morning, this was all chunky stuff so decided to make a hive stand. This will take 3 nucs or 3 hives side by side. My logic with the legs in the middle was that it will stand on a 2’x2′  flag stone if needed. I’m sure it will be fine for the nucs but if used as a hive stand it might need a few extra legs.


Roof and floors

I now have access to as much wood as I need, namely liberating pallet wood from a friends work, with permission from his kind employer.  This year Ive decided I’m just going to buy Brood boxes and make my own roofs, floors and crown boards. I did buy a few metal roof tops when Mann Lake had there sale on at £6 each. I had a play on Saturday and made 1 roof and 2 floors, just another 10 to go.

Liberated wood pile


Simple solid floor





Finished hive with brood box and super

Finished hive with brood box and super